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Something Needs to Happen Here...

Oh hello, neglected little writing-notes blog. How have you been? Lonely? Hmm...I'll have to do a better job of keeping you entertained, then.

Ahem. Don't mind me.

So the other night (yes, I'm leaving that "so" this time), I sat down to write a scene for The Biker's Wench, and immediately had a problem. I didn't know what "big thing" was going to happen. I write scene-by-scene, and each has to have a "twist" of some sort...something that at least some readers won't see coming, but even for those who do it will still pull them through to the next scene. Obviously knowing the twist ahead of time is ideal for setting it up.

Yet, this "not knowing" isn't a rare occurrence with me. I'll often sit down to write with no clear picture of what's going to happen next in any given scene. But I start writing anyways, and pretty soon the "big thing" just sort of pops into my head...or flows out with the rest of the writing. The thing is, I probably could have sat there all day and tried to think it out, but the very act of writing is often what frees me to see the possibilities.

Wanna know a secret? I think it's because I get bored easily - and that includes my own writing. If the story isn't going somewhere or holding my interest, my subconscious will almost always have a suggestion or three on how to make things more interesting. I just have to keep writing.

What's the last "big thing" you threw at a scene? 
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